Also: Biden opens another child detention center, researchers tie student debt to racial inequality, and Cuomo-gate gets uglier.
Walker Bragman and Julia Rock
On Wednesday 3/3 at 7pm ET (4pm PT), Daily Poster subscribers will talk to U.S. Representative Ro Khanna about the congressional fight to raise the fed…
David Sirota
Across New York state, Cuomo’s nursing home liability shield has caused a legal chilling effect, reducing a deterrent to corporate wrongdoing.
Joel Warner
In a new letter, nearly two dozen House Dems are pressing Vice President Kamala Harris to ignore the Senate parliamentarian and fulfill her minimum wag…
Julia Rock and Andrew Perez
This report was written by David Sirota. Stuff The Daily Poster reported this week: • Secret Memo Shows How Harris Must Now Advance Minimum Wage Hike •…
David Sirota
Private equity managers could lose their tax dodge, Michigan progressives are on a roll, and Bernie Sanders scores a win for Costco workers.
Julia Rock
Despite a Senate official’s roadblock, the VP can clear a path to fulfill Dems’ $15 minimum wage promise, according to a blueprint circulating on Capit…
Andrew Perez and David Sirota
Also: A fossil fuel exec calls the Texas blackouts a “jackpot,” and Andrew Cuomo faces sexual harassment allegations.
Julia Rock
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