As we announced a few weeks ago, we’re launching a regular film club, where we will be discussing the ramifications, messages, and ideologies of classic political movies. And for our inaugural event tomorrow night at 7 pm ET (4pm PST), we will be exploring the 1992 political com…
Conservative Dems Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema win plaudits at a closed-door event with restaurant lobbyists after voting to block a $15 minimum wage.
Joel Warner and Andrew Perez
Also: A federal public option could save billions on health care spending, while Democrats need to figure out how to plug oil and gas wells.
Julia Rock
Dems are wildly lying about SALT tax breaks in the same way the GOP wildly lies about the estate tax.
David Sirota and Andrew Perez
In Colorado and Washington state, lawmakers are grappling with how to create public health insurance alternatives in the face of industry opposition.
Julia Rock
Also: AOC slams Dems’ proposed new tax breaks as a ‘giveaway to the rich.’
David Sirota
The pair will discuss “finding bipartisan solutions” at the conference of the major lobby group fighting Dems’ minimum wage and labor legislation.
David Sirota, Andrew Perez, and Joel Warner
New documents show corporations bankrolled the two senators as they killed a $15 minimum wage and pushed to preserve the filibuster.
Walker Bragman
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