A new study shows cannabis legalization is linked to a huge drop in workers’ comp claims
The former Green Party icon, with her thumbs-down on a $15 minimum wage, personifies the timeless story of the earnest do-gooder turned Washington mons…
David Sirota and Andrew Perez
New Yorkers take to the street to tax the rich, Biden backs Amazon workers, and the House once again passes The For The People Act.
Julia Rock
Eight Democrats are now on record opposing a living wage, but enough remained to suggest the wage increase could have survived if Biden wanted to push …
Andrew Perez, Walker Bragman, Julia Rock, and Joel Warner
Dems must vote down the must-pass COVID bill until it includes the wage increase, which they can add right now.
David Sirota
Also: Biden officials stand to profit from the sale of a minority stake in a consulting firm, and an oil company shells out millions to executives befo…
Julia Rock
Buoyed by Bernie’s big 2020 caucus win, Nevada progressives hope to win control of the Democratic Party’s state leadership this weekend.
Sam Mellins
Just a quick reminder that our subscriber-only Daily Poster live chat with U.S. Representative Ro Khanna about the minimum wage fight starts at 7pm ET …
David Sirota
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