Also, Biden's stimulus proposal would extend the eviction moratorium to September.
Party leaders are backing off a chance to push for a new round of full $2,000 survival checks — while Democratic lawmakers consider new tax breaks for …
David Sirota, Julia Rock, and Andrew Perez
Legislators request review of pension investments flowing to Wall Street firms whose execs funded groups boosting Republicans who tried to overturn the…
Julia Rock
Despite Democrats winning Congress, the incoming president is prioritizing a budget deal with extremist Republicans, when he doesn't need their votes.
David Sirota and Andrew Perez
Corporations are being lauded for halting PAC donations after the insurrection — but they are not shutting down the real pool of cash supporting author…
David Sirota, Andrew Perez, Walker Bragman, and Julia Rock
GOP lawmakers are trying to defy new metal detectors in Congress — after voting to install them at schools.
David Sirota
Just a reminder that our subscriber live chat today (January 12th) begins at 7pm ET. We will be talking to Democratic Del. Lee Carter about his 2021 ru…
David Sirota
New data about $2,000 survival checks destroy the arguments being made by Senate Republicans, Joe Manchin and billionaire-owned media.
David Sirota
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