WEEKEND READER: What It Takes To Tell The Real Story

Exposing hidden truths isn’t easy.
WEEKEND READER: What It Takes To Tell The Real Story
Investigative journalist I.F. Stone in 1966. (AP Photo/William J. Smith)

All too often, important stories get buried or lost, and it’s not simply because of wrongdoing. Exposing hidden truths is exceedingly difficult — the work takes time, money, courage, and more often than not, a good deal of personal fortitude. In this Weekend Reader, we’re highlighting coverage that went the extra mile to tell important stories nearly lost in all the noise. A reporter spent years uncovering the secrets behind one of the most horrific murders of the civil rights movement. A podcaster trekked all over the world to shed light on a shadowy figure wasting away in Guantánamo. And at The Daily Poster, we used carefully targeted record requests to expose the lies of state leaders cutting off pandemic-related jobless aid to struggling families all over the country.

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